As has been outlined at Office 365 login sessions at Houston and Smithers schools (just a couple more sites to go), the district email will move to the Cloud server later this week.

When your mailbox has been moved it will simply mean that the old "Webmail" link from the district webpage will stop working for you.  Should that occur, simply go to the new link lower down on the Links menu; Webmail Office365

 To log in at the new link you will need to enter your complete email address as your username:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 along with your usual SD54 password.

 You will also be able to log into Office 365 and find an Outlook app which you can click on to go directly to your webmail from that page.

 Attached is a sheet with screenshots to phone settings should you need to update your phone access to SD54 webmail.

 If you experience any difficulties with this changeover please talk to your school computer contact so it can be relayed to the tech department.

 Phone Settings

Thank you,



Matthew Monkman

District Principal Technology and Innovation

School District 54 Bulkley Valley