Web Browser

oc dotmenu2Uploading Files

Drag and Drop, just grab you file from you computer and drag it over to the location you want on the website. To move the file into a specific folder browser to that folder in the Owncloud web interface first before dragging the file over. If you drop the file into the wrong location dont worry you can always use the Move option to move the file to the correct location.


Downloading Files

While logged into the Nextcloud site, you will see 3 dots to the right side of the file you would like to download click the dots and a menu will pop up. 

Click on the Download option to begin downloading your file.


Moving Files

There are a few ways of moving files around in Owncloud, the simplest method is just to drag and drop the file into a different folder.

To move or copy files from one location in your Nextcloud to another. Click the 3 dots icon, and select move from the list, a pop up will appear that will allow you type in or select destinations from a list.