Some basic troubleshooting tips



No Network Connection

Check the network cables, are they loose try a different plug on the wall jack as not all ports are connected.

No Picture

Check the cable is it plugged tightly into the back of the computer and that the monitor is turned on. Some monitors have inputs for two different types of cables, try switching between the two modes, the monitor may have switched to the wrong input.

Mouse/Keyboard not working

Check cables, if loose push them in, a reboot may be required for mouse/keyboard to be enabled.

Can not logon to computer

On the logon screen make sure the person in signing into the correct domain. It should read SD54. If you do not see the "logon to" box, click the options button.

Computer will not turn off

If the computer will not turn off, press and old the power button for about 10 seconds this should do it.

Missing Drives

Ocasionally when loging on to the computer you will have missing drives, this can happen during the sign on process when the machine the drive is on does not respond quick enough. The simplest method to fix this is to log off and then log back on, in most cases this will fix the problem.

No Power

Check the power cables are they tightly pluged in. Another problem that is common especialy after a power outage is that some computer and monitors have no power. A solution is to unplug the power cord from the back of the computer/montior wait 30seconds and plug it back in. If this fails try using another power cord, then if these steps fail contact the Tech Department for help.

Stuck on PXE Screen

When the PXE screen comes up, press the ESC key to bypass