Self Service

Restoring a Chromebook

When you may want to restore a Chromebook.

  1. Missing or damage OS error message


How to perform the restore

Look at the bottom of the Chromebook, you should see a label with the Model of that Chromebook.

Insert the matching USB stick into the port of the Chromebook

Press the keys: Esc, Refresh and the power button hold a moment then let go.

The Chromebook will boot up, if the correct USB drive is plugged in the restore will begin automaticaly, if the wrong drive is in or not plugged in a message will appear asking for the correct drive to be inserted.

When the restore is completed a message will pop up asking for the USB drive to be removed. When this is done the Chromebook will restart and begin booting up, once it is finished you will be asked to connect a wireless network. Once the Chromebook has been connected to any wireless network, the rest of the setup will complete and the Chromebook will be ready for use.