Changing Pictures in the slider Module

Sign into the administrator section of the website.


Adding or changing pictures displayed in the imageshow slider consists of two parts. The first part is uploading pictures to the website, the second part is configuring what pictures will be displayed.


Uploading new pictures

Click on the Media manager icon.

Click on the imageshow folder to see current pictures, you can use the upload files link to upload new pictures to the server.


Changing the slideshow

In the control panel, expand the JSN Imageshow section, or select JSN Imageshow from the components menu.

Click the showlists manager icon and select the default showlist.

Scroll down to the Showlist Images section

To add new pictures to the slider click and drag the picture from the center row to the right hand row.

To remove pictures from the current slideshow, select the picture you want to remove in the righthand row and click the trashcan icon.

When finished scroll to the top of the page and click the save and close button.

Notes: You can only have a maximum of 10 pictures in the Showlist Images section, and you limited to 3 different showlists (free version).