Setting up the Owncloud app

(While the Owncloud app still works it is recommended you use the Nextcloud app instead)


Start the Owncloud app, click the Gear icon in the bottom right corner, and click Add new Account.

Fill in the server address line with 

Username is your district username

Password fill in your normal district password. (When you update your password you will have to redo this password with your new one)

OC Settings sm


Moving files from your iDevice up to the Owncloud

Start the Owncloud app, use the files icon to browse to the location you want to save your files too, most likely a location with the H: or public drive.

Press the 3 dots in the upper right corner, this will pop up a menu of options.

oc menu

Upload photo/video - This option will allow you to select a single or multiple images/videos to upload to the current folder.

New Folder - Create a new folder within the current folder.

New text file - Create a new blank text file within the current folder.