Home Use

Can employees buy more than one licensed copy?

No. The program only permits the purchase of either Microsoft Office Profesional Plus 2010 or Office for Mac 2011

Is it a fully-licensed product or is there an expiration date?

There is no specific expiration date to the Home Use Program. If you leave the company or are no longer a user of the licensed software your license terminates adn your should discontinue use of the software.

Can I purchase a copy for relatives or friends?

No. The Home use program entitles each qualfied employee to a single license of. Employees may not make additional copies of the software.

Can I get more than one copy or install of the program on multiple computers.

Although you cannot purchase more than one license, it does allow for 2 installations on (1)PC and (1) portable device (ie. laptop)

Can I install this on my district provided computer/laptop

No district machines are covered under a different license.