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About Passwords

Initial passwords - When you first get your account or have had your password reset, you are given a password that can be used only once. The first time you use the password you will be required to change it, this can be done on a district computer, you can also change the initial password through webmail.


Password Requirments

Remember when entering your new password not to use a common word, particularly one that is easily associated with you, your family, or your job. District passwords are case sensitive.

A password must:
•  contain a minimum of eight characters and a maximum of fourteen;  
•  not contain any part of the user name (e.g., the name or initials used to log in); and  
•  contain characters from each of the following categories:

English upper case characters &

lower case characters



Base 10 digits 0123456789
Symbols !@#$%^&*()

Guard your password as you would a credit card PIN or bank account PIN. By doing this,
you help protect private information about students and parents, whose rights to such protection
are guaranteed by legislation.