Setting up the Nextcloud appnc acct1

Start the Nextcloud app

If this is the first time running the app you will see a screen similar to the one on the right.

Server address line with 

Username is your district username

Password fill in your normal district password.

(When you update your password you will have to redo this password with your new one)



Moving files from your iDevice up to the Nextcloud

Start the app

Move to the folder or subfolder you want to upload the file to.

Click the plus symbol at the bottom of the screen. From the pop up menu select the action you would like to do.


  • Upload photos or videosnc upload1
  • Upload file
  • Create txt file
  • Create folder


Select the file(s) that you want to upload and click done. Multiple files can be selected by tapping on additonal pictures, selected items will be marked by a green checkmark, tap again to unselect a item.

Confirm the save location and make any filename changes you would like, click save when done.

File will be uploaded.