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Owncloud is a Dropbox-like cloud storage system on your own server or web site. The district Nextcloud server allows access to your H:, public staff drives, and other network drives from anywhere. You also have the ability to share files directly with other users.


Accessing Nextcloud / Owncloud

Owncloud can be access on any computer via a web address.

Logon using your district username and password.


Viewing your files

After logging on you will have several folders available to you.

H Drive this is your normal H: drive home folder, Public Staff and additional folders may be available to you if you normally have additional drives.

In addition to your regular network drives you will also have some additonal folders that are located on the owncloud server. Documents, Photos and possibly instant upload.


Uploading Your Files

Next/Owncloud offers serveral ways of accessing/saving and working with your files:


Through the website

Using a web browser, you can view, download and upload your files.


iDevice/Android (Requires the installation of the Nextcloud app)

Apps for Mobile devices (iOS, Android and Blackberry) can be found here


With a client

The Nextcloud client is installed locally on your computer, the client can be configured to automaticaly sync folders on you computer to a location through Owncloud.

Clients for Windows, MacOS and Linux can be found here.