Sign into the moodle website using your district username and password.


Along the left hand side of the screen you should see the moodel1Home Directory Web client section. Click on My Home Directory.

A window will open displaying the contents of your H: drive. Click on a file to download it to your local computer. You can then work on the file as normal.


Note: When saving a file that you have worked on it does not save it back to the H: drive instead it will save it to the local machine. To move the file back to your H: drive see the following section on uploading files.







To upload files to your H: drive, click on the arrow to display the menu and select Windows Network (Up).


From the menu list, choose "New file (upload) then click "OK"


Click the Browse button to find your file on the local computer.


After selecting it, the file name will show up next to the Browse button.

Click "OK" to begin uploading that to the remote H: drive folder.