Uploading newsletters

Sign into your website, using your district provided username and password.

Navigate to the newsletters page and click the edit from the drop down. 

In the editor window type the text that you want to be visible on the website,

then highlight the text you just typed in the link button will now be available. link

joom insert

In the URL box click the browse icon joom dir, and the following window will open.

joom upload

In the folder box click on the folder where you want to save the file into and click Upload.

joom upload2

Click the browse button and select the file you want to upload to the server, you can repeat this step with as many files as you want. When you have finished selecting the files you want to upload click the upload button. When the upload is complete you should see a green checkmark beside the file(s) you uploaded.

Click close, click on the file you just uploaded and make sure it is listed in the URL box, then click insert and insert again.

If the link is successful the colour of the highlighted text will have changed from the default black to the link colour (most likely blue)