Hello District,


This is Matthew Monkman providing you with an example of what NOT to respond to when you receive SPAM in your email.

Our exchange email system filters out a lot of SPAM but much of it is engineered to avoid detection.

Please be vigilant - DO NOT click on links in email messages; DO NOT open email attachments from senders who you do not recognize.

If you are uncertain about the legitimacy of a sender, use other methods to contact the organization to determine if they have sent a safe attachment.

I just received this message in my email and have removed the hyperlink that was embedded in it (replaced with the word Link).


Please help keep your account and the district network safe.


Matthew Monkman

District Principal Technology and Innovation


To: Undisclosed recipients:;
Subject: ICT Help Desk

Attn. Employee\Staff,

The ICT Unit required you must upgrade to the latest e-mail Outlook Web Apps 2016 to enable you have the best of the latest Features and accessibility. kindly click on link to upgrade to the most recent e-mail Outlook Web Apps 2016.


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