Hello district email users,

Some of you may have received a SPAM item in your SD54 email which read:

“From:  Mail Administrator

SD54 Outlook

Your SD54 Outlook Exceeded its storage limit

CLICK HERE fill and click SUBMIT for more space

Or you wont be able to send Mail.”

*** That was SPAM – do not click on it or respond to it.

*** Our Tech Dept will not send a warning of that nature asking for you to input username and password … ever.

Unfortunately at least one of you did click and respond to it – this has resulted in that individual’s email account being taken over by the Spammers to broadcast their SPAM messages.

The end result is that our mail server has now been blacklisted by some email agencies on the Net and Ted is having to work to clean it up and get our server back in good standing.

Please be cautious and never, ever, put in your username, password, bank account, credit card or other secure information in response to any email request.